The Nicest Zodiac Sign

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1. Pisces

Pisces can sense how others are feeling long before they express themselves. 


They are great listeners and can quickly comfort a distressed buddy since they always know just the right thing to say.

2. Aquarius

 who accepts you just as you are, without judging you in any way.


 They are great at listening to and participating in all kinds of talks.

3. Cancer

Cancer, a water sign ruled by the moon, has a strong capacity for empathy and tends to be empathetic in everyday life.


so you could meet a potential spouse by the fire in a Cancerian household.

4. Libra

Your Libra companion will be able to mediate and settle any disagreements that arise at the dinner table. 


This person is the consummate advocate to have in your back pocket at all times.

5. Sagittarius

After a trying day, this is the number to dial for a good time and some positive company.


 If you and this person share a good sense of humor, though, this buddy will be your go-to for any and all motivational speeches.

6. Virgo

The Virgo in their lives is probably reliable, friendly, and calm under pressure. 


 Most interactions with Virgos will leave you feeling relieved that you sought their help.

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