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The Phoniest Zodiac Sign

Librans seek a world where everyone is treated fairly and justice is done, yet they rarely choose sides.

1. Libra

Libras care far too much about the way other people think, which just adds to their phoniness.


Pisces are the worst romantics of the zodiac, yet their intuitive, sensitive nature also makes them some of the phoniest.

2. Pisces

It's hard to tell if someone is siding with you if you're correct or because they'd rather not rock the boat.


Twins might be two-faced due to their indecisiveness or their love of gossip.

3. Gemini

your weaknesses with others in an effort to build up social bonds.


Leos love parties and attention. "They will act like they approve of others,

4. Leo

just to stay fashionable and garner more attention,


Aries' fury and egotistical energy can lead to dubious behavior, particularly in social situations.

5. Aries

They're eager to interject with spontaneously comments that steer the back to them.


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