The Quietest Zodiac Signs

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Cancers are reserved because they prefer to be thoroughly prepared before speaking.

They also enjoy anticipating any questions or remarks that others may have once they begin speaking. 


Capricorns are wonderful leaders, but they're perfectionists who won't speak until their remarks are well-organized and clear. 

They're usually the quietest. Unless they get their thoughts together and are no longer hesitant to speak up about an issue.


Scorpios prefer to keep their secrets to themselves. They're not shy—they don't trust others to keep their secrets. 

They're silent because they're taking notes on what their friends are saying.


Tauruses are serious thinkers who take their time before speaking. Some are perfectionists, but not all.

They want to contemplate the matter before speaking.


Virgos are calm, but they observe everything around them.

They're watching everything and plotting how to use it when it's their turn. Virgos enjoy sharing their knowledge.

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