The Saddest Zodiac Sign

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Tauruses may look reclusive, but they sense emotions. Change makes this stubborn earth sign sad.

Taurus refuses to leave their comfort zones and takes rejection too personally. 


Practical, strategic Virgos. They overthink everything, causing mental distress.

Virgo studies, compares, and competes to stay ahead, which can lead to unhappiness.


Libras strive to achieve at work but also have fun with family. 

Libras should be checked on periodically. A pep talk and embrace may help them come out of a funk.


Scorpio's strength is easily misinterpreted. This water sign is very emotional, despite its appearance.

Scorpios are emotional tornadoes that can cry one minute and be calm the next.


Pisces requires a box of tissues everytime they watch a movie or TV.

They cry at everything and have never seen an aircraft movie without waterworks.


Cancers are the saddest zodiac sign because they are nurturing and sensitive.

Cancers are loyal, therefore being apart from their loved ones can make them cry.

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