The Silliest Zodiac Sign

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Taurus are generally humorous without intending to be so. 

People can be made to laugh if the timing is good, but they would rather be the ones laughing than the ones telling the joke. 


It is difficult not to smile in the presence of a Libra. 

It does not take them long to warm up to any gathering due to their party-animal enthusiasm. 


Aries are notable pranksters. They desire acceptance and are not hesitant to engage in some light-hearted antics to help others relax.

They have a captivating charisma that compels others to enter their space.


Leo, who craves the limelight, will do anything to be the center of attention.

 They will be as ridiculous as necessary to keep the mood light in any situation.


Sagittarius enjoys bringing novel ideas to the table.

They have a laid-back attitude and don't take things too seriously.


It is impossible to predict what a Gemini would say. They are quick-witted and enjoy jumping from one conversation to the next.

They never take themselves too seriously and have a very funny side, thus it makes fitting that they are the silliest zodiac sign.

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