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The Snarkiest Zodiac Sign

A lively middle-aged woman raises her hands in exasperation as she argues with her unidentified spouse at home. 

1. Scorpio

 Both of them had sat down on the floor of their living room.


zodiac's perfectionists can be irritated to the point of making a nasty remark.

2. Virgo

you consulted were unanimous that Virgos almost never intentionally hurt others. 


Aquarians are "an elusive and interesting bunch or the esoteric people of the zodiac.

3. Aquarius

This makes them extremely peculiar, since they tend to live in a small bubble of their own as a result. 


Because of their tremendous work ethic, Capricorns judge both themselves and others on success.

4. Capricorn

You can count on feeling the tip of their tongue if you cross them.


Sagittarius is the one most likely to make an embarrassing gaffe, and occasionally they do so with snark.

5. Sagittarius

They tend to speak whatever is on their hearts without giving it much thought.


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