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The Tiniest Towns In Usa

Alabama: Mooresville

Mooresville has 48 post office boxes and under 100 residents. Several family have passed down their box.

Alaska: Hyder

Hyder uses Canadian dollars and B.C. time. Only a twice-weekly postal float connects Hyder to Alaska.

Arizona: Oatman

This 128-person Arizona village is a must-see. This little village exudes Old West charm.

Arkansas: Gilbert

Gilbert, Searcy County, has 28 residents. It's not Arkansas's smallest town—Magnet Cove has five people—but it's one of the coldest.

California: Bombay Beach

This 295-person village was a popular coastal attraction until rising salt levels drove business away.

Colorado: Crested Butte

The Wildflower Capitol of Colorado" describes this little hamlet. This former mining town has a history, nice people, and beautiful spring blooms.

Connecticut: Union

Union has 693 residents, possibly including some ghosts. Ghost tourism is moderate at the town graveyard, which is haunted.

Delaware: Milton

Milton, on the Broadkill River, features 200 National Register-listed buildings.

Florida: Fernandina Beach

This quiet community on Amelia Island is beautiful.

Georgia: Blue Ridge

Due to its beautiful environment and closeness to some of the Appalachian Mountains' most stunning sites.

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