The Unfriendliest Zodiac Sign

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These air signs like solitude, dislike making new connections, and might come across as as impersonal.

 Aquarius will not greet a stranger on the street or strike up a conversation in the grocery store checkout line.


Aries, the zodiac's courageous leaders, prefer independence. Passionate and boisterous, they're not friendly.

They prefer to be aggressive and antagonistic to avoid minor issues that get in the way of their aims.


Pisces have trouble making friends since they live in their own world. They're sensitive and don't want to risk being wounded.

People might behave like they don't care because they truly do care intensely. 


Virgos are service-oriented individuals who enjoy finding solutions to problems.

Virgo is judging you Self-criticism is greater. So while they may not like you, their inner struggle may make them hostile.


If you block a Capricorn's progress, they'll get icy. If you help them succeed.

Capricorns are laser-focused and don't allow distractions derail their accomplishment. 


Scorpios are unfriendly. They're private until they trust you.

They feel powerful and won't look at you if they're determined to do anything.

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