The Wisest Zodiac Signs

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1. Gemini

Geminis excel academically and socially from childhood. They prove you can play basketball and chess.

2. Aquarius

Aquarius may be smart in school, but they usually give up and focus on creativity instead.

3. Virgo

Virgos are structured and critical. Virgos keep lists and to-dos. Organization and deduction make them clever.

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is smart and sardonic. Sagittarians are constantly eager to learn and contribute.

5. Libra

Libras aren't considered smart. Libras might be pedantic, but they don't like being smartest. 

6. Capricorn

They follow their success plan. They're well-read in their field yet rarely leave their comfort zones.

7. Scorpio

Scorpio prefers emotional intelligence. Scorpio is a water sign and intuitive.

8. Leo

Leos are street-smart and successful. When their gut is wrong, they can get taken away.

9. Aries

Aries can be brilliant or foolish. They appear sweet, but you never recognize what they're thinking.

10. Cancer

Cancerians emotionally manipulate others and live in the past.

11. Taurus

Taureans succeed in their careers owing to perseverance and support, not intelligence.

12. Pisces

Pisces live in denial because they avoid reality. They are emotionally clever, but not otherwise.

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