Three Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Summer

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1. Libra

The Libran has a challenging summer ahead of them because the sun has just set in Cancer. 


Although you enjoy social gatherings, music, and long summer days at the beach.


In addition, Mercury will be in a square to Libra from Cancer.

2. Aries

Similar to Libra, your sign crosses Cancer, which indicates difficulty at the start of Summer.


You may be feeling off right now, and you will continue to feel this way until Mercury enters your fire sign Sibling Leo .


These placements may manifest as wrath, annoyance, or a general sense of disorientation.

3. Taurus

For you, the commencement of summer will be a breeze.


You and Cancer enjoy each other's company, so when the Sun and Venus are in Cancer, the sign of you will feel stable.


The square between Taurus and Leo causes irritation and distress.

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