Why You Never Win By Zodiac Sign, Ranked

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She's prone to scams because Pisces overtrust. Pisces may trust and love a new companion too quickly who may not be right for her.


The archer is compassionate and idealistic and enjoys comedy. Because to her inclination to overpromise, the Sagittarius may fail multiple times in life.


Tauruses are the most stubborn zodiac signs, which can be good or bad. Her persistence may result in frustrating failures.


Aquariuses are fiery and uncompromising, which can lead to many failed relationships.


She'll transfer careers often because she's a Gemini. The air sign is smart and adapts quickly, so she won't struggle in a profession.


Cancer is empathetic but temperamental and pessimistic. Cancers will notice flaws in their partners, whether slight or major.


She may be crazy about being a chef at first, but she may lose interest with time.


Libras are diplomatic and fair, therefore they rarely fail. She tackles all her issues with a clear head.


Scorpios are daring, resourceful, and would do anything to acquire what they want. She will fail less than other signs.


Since the Virgo is organized and has a life plan, she won't allow failures. Earth signs are critical of themselves and others when things go wrong.


Being diligent and responsible, Capricorns rarely fail. She accomplishes her lofty goals. Capricorns know what they want and get it.


Aries are competitive, determined, and brave. They usually win in whatever they do. So even if they fail, it will seem little to most people.

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