Why Your Zodiac Sign Makes You Lonely

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1. Aries

Even in your fantasies, you seek activities. It doesn't matter where or when. Love and dating aren't your concerns.

2. Taurus

Love frightens. Despite your strength, love scares you. You won't trust anyone. You fear being vulnerable and harmed. 

3. Gemini

You're too far ahead of everyone and have such high standards for a relationship that you reject most of them before you even meet them.

4. Cancer

You may be anyone's dream spouse, but you defend your heart like a gate to paradise and monsters are frantically wanting to enter it.

5. Leo

You think you deserve the finest since you conquered. Because of your strict standards, you dislike most possible lovers. 

6. Virgo

You're fair and honest. Balance is what you want in life. When someone don't comply, you shut them off.

7. Libra

Stop classifying individuals and you might find someone who merits you.

8. Scorpio

You're more intense because you want to be the alpha. You're possessive and overprotective. 

9. Sagittarius

You're smart, humorous, independent, and engaging, yet you sometimes complicate basic things.

10. Capricorn

You're independent and like to be in charge. Since you control most things, you're authoritative, and many people don't like that.

11. Aquarius

You believe you don't need anyone. You're your soulmate and have your own beat. You like real-life events and ignore others' opinions.

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