Your Zodiac Sign's Habit Can End Your Relationship

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1. Capricorn

These planners are meticulous. They planned every day. Often they go too far, eliminating any spontaneity and romance. 

2. Aquarius

You are independent, yet occasionally you forget that you are in a partnership.

3. Pisces

You are emotional and desire your mate. Your poor self-esteem makes you think you don't deserve their affection, undermining your connection.

4. cancer

Your rage and over-aggression cause breakups. You'll sleep with your ex even if you're in a fresh relationship because you enjoy challenges. 

5. Taurus

Your attitude makes you tough to deal with. Commitment requires acknowledging mistakes, something you struggle with.

6. Cancer

You require constant affection. Daily, hourly, minutely. Your partner feels smothered because you seldom offer them personal space.

7. Gemini

You adore multi-relationships. You won't give up your independence until you discover the right person. 

8. Leo

Your massive ego and self-obsession make relationships impossible.

9. Virgo

You're essential. You're able to criticize others because you want perfection. 

10. Libra

You can't say no and accept things that pain you deeply. You explode like a nuclear bomb on your lover when you go too far.

11. Scorpio

Because you're too emotional, you're a good lover but usually grumpy. You annoy others and avoid addressing it.

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