Your Zodiac Sign's Office Performance Hinders

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1. Aries

You avoid criticism. Aries, you cannot take criticism. Negative comments stab your ego. 

2. Taurus

Your will is readily swayed. Don't be misled into doing anything you'll regret. People may deceive.

3. Gemini

Your contradictory personality makes you appear reckless. No one wishes to give you duties because they're not convinced you'll do them. 

4. Cancer

Your maternal instincts drive you care about others, but you don't enjoy it when others care about you.

5. Leo

You're a great leader, but you can't lash out. Your rage and ego cause trouble. 

6. Virgo

No project switching. You're a perfectionist who needs to focus. Only that hinders your office performance.

7. Libra

Libra, you go too far to impress others, which sometimes stresses you out so much that you stop doing it. 

8. Scorpio

You're uneasy about your work despite your flawless image. It's nice that you don't tell people, but it's bad that you feel that way. 

9. Sagittarius

Your cerebral discussions and insights build a fanbase, but all talking and no show sell you out. 

10. Capricorn

Your only issue is that you brag about your skills. This tendency makes teams unwelcoming.

11. Aquarius

Your only flaw is that you neglect your health. Your bad lifestyle makes you sick regularly, affecting your career.

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