Zodiac Sign That Will Always Outsmart You

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1. Scorpio

Scorpios will readily command what is another person's and take it over—they may even better it.


Scorpios are cunning since they're strong and strategic. 

2. Libra

Because they're skilled at disputing, Libras typically become lawyers.


Libras are smarter than others, so be careful if you're pals or dating one.

3. Virgo

Virgos are very meticulous. Virgos should "expect the worst so they can be ready for anything.


They remember everything you say and give them, and if it helps them, they'll use it against you.

4. Leo

Leos strategize and use their fearlessness to make advances. 


It requires boldness and self-confidence to outsmart an opponent," adds Evans.

5. Gemini

You never know which Gemini side you'll get. Evans says fast-thinkers "keep everyone guessing.


A Gemini's social and listening skills offer them the advantage since .

6. Cancer

Cancers are difficult than you think, thus they made this list. 


Cancers are keyed into emotion and can use it to distract or manipulate any circumstance to their benefit.

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