Zodiac Sign Who Understands You Most

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Because its fierce companions support and care for it. Leo and Sagittarius inevitably get Aries.

These three will always be pals, no matter the sign. Scorpios understand cardinal signs. They share objectives and intensity.


Capricorn and Virgo comprehend this earth sign well. Both want stability, therefore this fixed sign can talk about money and career with them.

They understand Taurus' work ethic and life goals. Libras get along with them too. Libra knows everything since Taurus is the most passionate earth sign.


Geminis are rare. This mutable sign gets along best with Libras and Aquarians. Instinctively, these three can follow every conversation topic.

Leos also get this fast-thinking indication. Geminis dislike monotony and crave mental stimulation.


Water signs can always support Cancer. Pisces and Scorpio understand the crab because they share its principles.

Astrology says these three have a telepathic emotional bond. Taurus often gets this water sign. Passion for cooking and French cuisine.


Aries and Sagittarius constantly support Leo. These two know lions best. They comprehend its desires and why this set sign has such a huge vision for their life.


Capricorns and Taurus are the best matches for Virgos. These two recognise the earth sign's demand for order.

They understand its perfectionist nature and can teach them how to use it successfully. Aquarius also likes this adaptable sign.

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