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Zodiac Sign With Mental Weakness

Cancers are ruled by the moon, and its phases have a significant impact on them.


Their dispositions may fluctuate widely from one extreme to another.

The next day, they could be outraged, sad, and weeping. It is tough to predict how a Cancer would feel at this moment.

Libras are the paradigmatic balancers. Hence, once they are out of balance, their mental health may suffer.


When individuals desire to accomplish something, they may become unbalanced.

Cancer and Scorpio share similarities. When they are abused, their mental health suffers.


They are passionate persons with a tremendous capacity for profound emotion.

Pisceans are creative, sensitive, and compassionate people.


Once their temperament changes, they may become extremely emotionally delicate

They are able to express their emotions through dancing, culture, and the arts, they can swiftly return to a state of happiness.

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