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Zodiac Signs Are Ready To Start Fresh


Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Aries will offer great sentiments to Taurus, allowing them to wipe the slate clean.

This is an excellent moment for the Taurus to release any unpleasant emotions or limiting prior experiences.

They will be able to express affection and gratitude for others more freely than normal.


Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Aries will bring exciting developments to the Virgo this month.

They will have the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over at this time.

Mercury in Aries will give them the confidence to take risks and try something new that they were previously unwilling to do.

It is a wonderful time for Virgos to explore their creative side and find methods to express themselves.


Leo can anticipate some interesting changes this month.

This planetary conjunction will afford them the opportunity to start over and make a clean slate.

They are able to demonstrate greater appreciation for those around them and enjoy positive connections with those who are closest to them.

Aries enables people to take risks they may not have taken previously and explore new opportunities.

It is a great time for the Leo to make confident, audacious movements.

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