Zodiac Signs Have Biggest Egos

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1. Capricorn

They're not self-centered. They're fine with being overlooked. 


Capricorns are so focused on accomplishment that they neglect everyone and everything else in their lives.


Capricorns, know that life is more than merely achieving goals.

2. Aquarius

These odd people don't mind ruffling feathers.


They may be pretentious because they want to be unique and think they're superior than others. 


Aquarius, get over yourself. Different isn't always better. The "norm" exists because it works.

3. Leo

Anyone familiar with zodiac signs knows that Leos have big egos. 


This zodiac sign is self-centered and adored. They crave attention and want to prove themselves in any setting.


They might get so caught up in their individual wants, needs, and desires that they neglect everyone else. 

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