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Zodiac Signs Marry Youngest


Taurus, controlled by Venus, tends to marry young. Taurus fosters love via stability and passion from childhood.

Taurus craves a long-term relationship since they feel best grounded at home and with family.

Taurus, marriage is the most gratifying prospect in love and relationships.

They're also natural caregivers. “For Cancer, a wedding is the feeling that most resembles home—belonging to each other—in relationships.

The sign's sensitive, sympathetic skills nurture and protect emotionally.


Libra is the last Venus-ruled sign to marry young. Libra oversees partnerships, therefore "marriage is a life goal event" for the air sign.

Being the seventh energy of the zodiac opposing the first energy of self-identity it is naturally focused on relationships.

Libra's energy is completely receptive to the other, their partner, via whom it is possible to feel and develop equilibrium and harmony.

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