Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Aries' Soulmate

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They're comfortable with one other's wild and passionate sides.

Aries and Leo may clash due to their self-centeredness. Nonetheless, their deep understanding allows them to conquer everything.


Scorpio wants intensity in everything, which Aries loves. "Scorpio expects love to transform people, for better or worse.

This duo gets envious easily. Without trust, they can fall into a cycle of disputes and makeup love.


Aquarius represents hopes and dreams in astrology, despite its coldness.

Air signs are amorous, optimistic, and seek deep connections. Before they meet Aries, finding the right partner is hard.

Aquarius enjoys Aries' honesty and directness, while Aries loves Aquarius' distinctive and honest dating style.

Both signs are independent, yet Aries' possessiveness can make Aquarius want greater freedom.

Besides that, they respect, fascinate, and admire one other.

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