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Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Win The Lottery

Being individuals who exemplify optimism, Sagittarians are unafraid to place large wagers and risk everything.


Their courage is frequently rewarded with gifts from the lottery gods and narrow escapes from perilous situations.

Capricorns generally have rough childhoods with institutional lights, authoritarian masters, no toys, rigorous standards, and no vitamins.


Their suffering develops strategy and an eye for weakness/opportunity.

Sea goats, the most industrious earth signs, learn to make their own luck and extend and preserve their victories to ensure their prosperity grows.

They lie about winning the lottery, save coupons in imported leather wallets, deceive the IRS, and never take a vacation.

Pisces people are near-clairvoyant. No sign is better at receiving psychic advice and divine downloads if they can withstand altered moods and emotion.


Ghost whispers, vivid dreams, coffee grinds, and even lucky numbers bent out of pubic hair in their baths can convey this message.

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