Zodiac Sign's Powerful Nature Spirit

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Aries – Salamander

Aries receive their passion from the salamander, their nature spirit. 

Taurus – Gnome

Gnomes protect Earth. Like you, they're materialistic, yet they love their family.

Gemini – Sylph

You're continually trying to improve. Sylphs are strong and know what to say, like you.

Cancer – Mermaid

Mermaids are generally known. They look like humans but swim with fins and have no legs. 

Leo – Griffin

Griffins are powerful like you. You are strong and can hold your own thanks to the griffin.

Virgo – Elf

Elves generally trick people. They're always causing trouble for fun. 

Libra – Fairy

Libras can help or hinder others depending on their approach. 

Scorpio – Nereid

They aid unexpected people because they sense others' misery.

Sagittarius – Dragon

They enjoy traveling and trying new things. 

Capricorn – Pixie

Pixies are like fairies but wicked. You enjoy teaching but hate hurting.

Aquarius – Harpy

You have been misinterpreted and never feel like you belong. 

Pisces – Water Sprite

Water sprites may breathe underwater and above. They often fly. 

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