Zodiac Signs That Give The Best Compliments

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1. Libra

Libras, ruled by Venus, may make friends and lovers feel special and valued even when they don't.


They know how to cheer you up. Libras are shy, so even sincere compliments make them cringe. Libra prefers giving compliments.

2. Leo

There's something about getting complimented by an extrovert that feels superior to being complimented by an introvert.


Leo the Lion has a natural charisma that never looks phony or manipulative you even hope part of their confidence.

3. Sagittarius

Sagittarius can cheer you up if you're depressed, lonely, or listless. They make the best managers.


Fire signs are so optimistic that can see the good in any situation. They naturally resolve disagreement and abhor drama.

4. Cancer

Cancer is so compassionate that they should be called the Puppy or Kitten instead of the Crab.


Cancers are in tune with their emotions and may tell when you're not.

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