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Zodiac Signs That Have Emotional Issues

1. Aries

Overworking neglects your emotions. After a while, you fight to admit them. 


You cannot let anything stand in your way. Despite your mood, you push yourself.

2. Taurus

You sense fury, but you're mostly dispassionate. You're easily enraged.


Hobbies make emotions irrelevant. You can keep yourself busy till you explode.

3. Gemini

Your clashing personalities allow you to transition easily.


You can be whomever you want, which scares some. You're quite adaptable.

4. Virgo

Criticizing helps you avoid things. You're flexible, so closing out your feelings often comes out as an insult.


You find this easier than others because you're usually chilled.

5. Sagittarius

You move around and are flighty to ensure happy sentiments.


You never let people in or grow connected. You rarely care about others.

6. Capricorn

You focus on your goals and never reveal your thoughts. This makes you less emotional. 

7. Aquarius

You constantly rationalize and let go. You ignore your feelings. 

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