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Zodiac Signs That Live the Shortest

The majority of Taurus's inclusion on this list can be attributed to their intransigence.


Taureans have generally good health, which they typically enjoy for most of their lifetimes.

They always disregard the advise of experts and even common knowledge stating that they have a high propensity to grow obese if they do not watch what they eat.

Simply observing the strong personalities of Aries makes it clear why they may have a short lifespan.


Aries are prone to early death due to their tendency to take on the world and risk their lives.

One exciting characteristic of Aries is their insatiable drive to have fun, regardless of how risky it may be, so long as it gives them an adrenaline rush.

Geminis are the most susceptible to health problems among the zodiac signs.


They are always focused on productivity and rarely impressed with their accomplishments.

As soon as they achieve a long-sought-after accomplishment, they would promptly turn their attention to a new endeavor.

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