Zodiac Signs Who Weaponizing Their Emotions

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1. Cancer

Cancer uses these emotions to damage your spirit. They're one of the most emotional signs, often acting out. 


Cancer is a moon-ruled water sign. They intuitively know how to obtain what they want from you. 


If they accuse you of infidelity when you haven't, they've probably cheated on you and want to blame you.

2. Gemini

The Twins are ambiguous, so you never know what emotions you'll get, but you'll get some.


Mercury, the star of interaction, rules Gemini, so if they have something to say, they'll tell you—often in the harshest, most insulting way. 


They're love-bombing you to be forgiven. If you're ignorant, they're love-bombing you to relieve their guilt.

3. Pisces

Pisces fish swim in a saline swamp of their crocodile tears to acquire what they want. 


Instead of facing their insecurities, they'll blame you. They're stronger than they appear.


Don't question that it's purposeful or whether they're crazy for doing it for you.

4. Scorpio

Pluto, the destroyer, rules Scorpios. X-ray-like intuition lets them see all your weak places. 


They know how to exploit your kindness.


They have terrifying outbursts and are crafty and remorseless. 

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