Zodiac Signs Who Will Be Most Affected By Coming Blue Moon

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1. Taurus

Your hard-earned job or project is ending. Instead of focusing on the ending, embrace this as a fresh opportunity for progress. 


New chances await. This conclusion is a transition, like the Tarot's death card.

2. Cancer

This full moon will financially hurt Cancers. Wait instead of rushing to borrow money.


Unexpected funds will help you recover from the hit. Start over.

3. Leo

You may be beginning to view your companion or romantic interest in a new light, in which their flaws become more apparent.


Try not to be so pessimistic and refocus your attention on the aspects of them that you enjoy the most.

4. Aquarius

Surprisingly, a full moon in Aquarius will be difficult for those born under that sign. 


Simply avoid becoming overly controlling, as this could cause more harm than good.

5. Pisces

Scorpios lead well. They're cunning and ruthless. The latter trait makes this astrological sign the strongest.


I would not consider this a loss, however, because true companions will not abandon you as you mature.

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