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Zodiac Signs Will Suffer This Fall Equinox

You like autumn, but the energy you're about to experience is the reverse of what you're used to. 

1. Aries 

This will be a terrific period for self-discovery and progress.


It will require you to leave your comfort zone.


This time of self-reflection will drive you to face some inner secrets, especially those about your duties and limitations.

2. Gemini 

 When Saturn and Mercury align in your chart, karma will hit you hard.


Can you maximize this time? Work hard to prove you deserve all the good things life has given you.


Your emotional and spiritual selves will be examined at the Autumn Equinox. 

3. Virgo

This will be quite uncomfortable. We all have a shadow self. 


We hide our peculiarities, foibles, and shortcomings.


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