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Zodiac Signs With A Green Thumb

This is a good time to get started on that garden you've always wanted, Taurus.

1. Taurus

They have the understanding that beauty is the result of hard labour, and they are prepared to put in the time and effort necessary to achieve it.


Taureans have a natural talent for aesthetics, making them excellent candidates for the task of creating a stunning garden.


Cancer stands to reason that they treat their plants and flowers with the same tenderness with which they treat their friends and family.

2. Cancer

These aquatic crabs have a strong affinity for the natural world and will devote themselves to ensuring the well-being of their plants.


Since the earth sign Virgo always gives 110%, Bell thinks it would be a good fit to take care of a garden.

3. Virgo

Virgos will put in a lot of time and effort learning about the best plant species for their soil and climate,


and then they'll make a schedule to follow so that they can water, prune, and fertilise their plants at the optimal times.


They will take the time to learn what kind of soil, light, and water their plants need to thrive, and they won't be afraid to provide it.


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