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Zodiac Signs With 'Awfully' Rough

Taurus, you're all over everything as long as the location is your bedroom and the TV remote is at the ready.

1. Taurus

This is the day you call in sick, only to realize that you despise the task you're expected to perform.


During the Taurus Moon, it's as if you've been struck by an indolent stick.


Cancer's affinity for home is heightened by the Moon in Taurus. 

2. Cancer

The current state of your mind is NOT Up and Out; rather, it is Down and In.


you are only secure in your familiar surroundings, and Taurus energy prevents anyone from convincing you to leave. 


There, you can relax and imagine that there are no other people on earth. 

3. Sagittarius

you will, and you will flee to the protection and comfort of your home.


In all seriousness, today is the day when Sagittarius determines that being alone is the best course of action on this slothful, stubborn, and self-indulgent day.


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