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Zodiacs As Smart As Air Signs


Leos are smart. Problem-solving and creativity come easy to them. Leo's brilliance blends reading with life.

A natural speaker, they'll start talking about the Galilean moons and their finest shopping tricks.


Virgos are intelligent problem-solvers. This earth sign can solve any problem and is willing to help.

These guys have great ideas and can execute them. This analytical group is least likely to be conned.


Earth signs are expected. Capricorns are organized like Virgos. With that much mental organization, they must have several signs of genius.

Earth signs are meticulous and clever decision-makers. They exhibit self-control and focus on their goals. They like learning and think mistakes teach best.


The travel-loving symbol is smart. This fire sign, like Capricorn, enjoys learning.

They view the world as a large school and are curious about everything.


Scorpios' intelligence gives them power beyond their emotional intelligence.

Scorpios have powerful wits that allow them to notice even the smallest things.

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