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Zodiacs Who Like Vengeance

Scorpios initially claimed retribution is best served cold.

1. Scorpio

Scorpio is a beast who should be dreaded. They can't forgive treachery, insult, or slight.


They seldom talk. Scorpios dread admitting the incorrect person. 


Leos love and can forgive people they care about. Their tremendous pride seldom allows it. 

2. Leo

Leo's faith can't be recovered. Leos hate being incorrect since they have great instincts and character. 


War will follow ego bruises. Leo also dislikes power struggles. 


You can never win back Capricorn's esteem. Your treachery cannot be forgiven.

3. Capricorn

Capricorn hates humiliation. Anybody who compromises their career will destroy them.


They're selective about who enters their inner circle, particularly their hearts. 


Due to their tender heart and aversion to change, Taurus may initially forgive loved ones.

4. Taurus

They cannot forgive. They're too haughty and inflexible.


Tauruses can't be calmed after they've had enough. Bulls are vengeful.


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