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Zodiacs Who Live In The Past

You can't sleep at night because of past mistakes and embarrassments. It's hard for you to let go of things you should have moved on from.


Because you overthink, it's hard to relax. Even though you wouldn't criticize someone for what they did yesterday, you're afraid others will.

You symbolize nostalgia. You can't stop thinking about beautiful childhood moments and heartbreaks.


Even if you don't want to forget important people in your life, you don't want to romanticize the past either.

You're still hurting from your past. That's why you don't socialize. You're afraid to trust new people because of that.


You've been embarrassed by trusting the wrong people before, and you don't want to feel that way again. 

Since you've had your heart shattered, you're trying to protect it. Instead of recovering and improving your future, you're still thinking on the past.

Because you want to learn from your mistakes, you're continually comparing present situations to former ones.


The person in front of you isn't the same person who injured you. You can't assume history will repeat. You can't live in dread of your history.

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