Zodiacs Who Need To Block Their Ex

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You knew rationally that you should have cut off your ex from the minute you broke up, but your heart prevented you from doing so.

You now check their social media late at night. Your heart breaks every time they share a joyful selfie out on the town.


You're the most retrograde zodiac sign. It may be hard to fathom banning all your exes this weekend, so why not start with one? Beginnings.


You usually torch every bridge you cross. You loathe contacting an ex. One remains. Know it.

The ex who destroyed you yet remains in your heart. You can handle their posts and texts.


You're known for staying pals with ex-partners. Are you happy talking to these ex? Some probably are.

Keep your uncommon exes. Others? Your attendance is a privilege. Remove those who don't improve your life. First, block them on everything.

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