Zodiacs Who Never Feel Good Enough

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You're fatigued from starting conversations, planning romantic dates, and checking in.

You're happy to contribute, but others must too. You shouldn't be the only one attempting to make this relationship work.

Yet, finding someone who agrees is difficult.


Modern dating has hurt your self-esteem. With so much rejection and heartache, self-esteem is low.

Nonetheless, you are still lovable, regardless of your past or how hard it has been to find your person.

The proper person will repay your kindness, even if you feel unworthy because others keep taking from you.


You're attractive. You realize your potential. Modern dating makes that easy to forget.

Never settle for someone who gives you part of what you want. Wait for someone who meets all your needs. You're also sought.


You're not as confident as you appear. Mostly an act. You're gentler than people think.

That's why modern dating is hard for you. Everyone thinks you can handle their rejection, quiet, and uncertainty, but it's been dragging on you.

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